How to check Policy Status

Registered users can choose to check the status of their policy directly through the insurer’s website. In case you are a new user or have just purchased your policy, you will first need to complete the insurer’s registration process, in order to view information related to your policy.

Procedure to Check the Policy Status for Registered Users


  • Registered users will need to first visit the insurer’s official website. On the home page, you will see an ‘Online Services’ option, which you will have to click.
  • You will then be navigated to a page that has a few options, such as ‘Online Loan’, ‘Customer Portal’, ‘Pay Premium Online’, etc. You will have to click on ‘Customer Portal’.
  • This will take you to LIC’s e Services webpage. Here, you will have to click on the ‘Registered Users’ tab, which will then take you to the login page.
  • Here, you will have to enter your user ID, password, and date of birth in order to sign in. Once you have signed-in, you will be able to view information about your policy and check the policy status.
  • LIC e-Services feature at absolutely no cost to the customer in order to provide customers on-demand and real-time service

Procedure to Check the Policy Status for New Users

  • In case you are a new user, you will have to first register by choosing a unique username and password. Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to you.
  • Next, you will have to enrol your policy. You will displayed an Online Policy Enrolment Form, in which you will have to enter certain basic details about the policy and the policyholder (in case you are the proposer).
  • This form will have to be printed, signed, and submitted to the policy-servicing branch.
  • The insurer’s branch will provide you an acknowledgement, and then validate your policy.
  • The next step is to add you policy on the website. You can add your policy immediately after registration by providing your policy number and payable premium amount.
  • The information that you have provided will be verified by the insurer, and if it is error-free, the status of your policy will be displayed. If there are any errors in the information that you provided, an email will be sent to you in order to remind you to correct the information.

LIC Policy Status through the SMS-based Helpline Service

Another way to check your policy status on-the-go is through the insurer’s SMS-based helpline service. In case you don’t have the time or the means to log into the website or if you are a new user who hasn’t registered on the insurer’s website yet, you can still check the status of your policy and get to know key policy-related information through the SMS-service. The SMS-codes as per the enquiry type are listed in the table below.

Enquiry TypeSMS CodeSend SMS To
Premium PaymentsASKLIC PREMIUM9222492224
LoansASKLIC LOAN9222492224
BonusASKLIC BONUS9222492224
Policy RevivalASKLIC REVIVAL9222492224
NominationASKLIC NOMINATION9222492224

Checking your LIC Policy Status by Contacting Customer Care

You can also contact the insurer’s regional offices for any policy-specific information, grievance redressal, change of address notification, or assistance. In order to contact the insurer through phone, you will need to navigate to the ‘Phone Help Line’ page on the insurer’s website. The insurer has categorised various cities and towns into different customer zones. Based on your place of residence, you can view the address, contact number, and email ID of a branch in your city. You can choose to walk into any one of these offices during their working house, call them, or email them, as per your convenience.

In addition, the insurer also has an IVRS facility through which customer can get updates about their policy. For you convenience, the regional office numbers and the IVRS number for different cities and towns are listed in the table below.

City/Town of ResidenceContact Number
Agra1251 or 0562-2524912
Ahmedabad1251 or 079-27456848
Amritsar1251 or 0183-2560673
BangaloreIVRS: 080-1251 or 080-26659230 Phone Number: 080-22966528, 22966553
Bangalore – IIIVRS: 080 -1251 Phone Number: 080-22966836/896
BelgaumIVRS: 0831-1251 Phone Number: 0831- 2438856, 2438857
BhagalpurIVRS: 0641-2610024 Phone Number: 0641-2610011, 2610033, 2610099
BhubaneswarIVRS: 0674-1251 or 0674-2573996 Phone Number: 0674-2573910, 0674- 2573911
Bhopal1251 or 0755-2550242
Chandigarh1251 or 0172-2678107
ChennaiIVRS: 044 -1251 or 044-28884300 Phone Number: 044-28611912, 044-28611642
CuttackIVRS: 0671-1251 or 0671-2307085 Phone Number: 0671-2307883, 0671-2307889
Delhi1251 or 011-23762681
Delhi – II011-22785930
DhanbadIVRS: 0326-2222725, Phone Number: 0326-2225344 , 0326-2225345
GandhinagarPhone Number: 079-23240083, 23240383
Goa1251 or 0832-2490100
GulbargaIVRS: 08472-1251 or 08472-243035 Phone Number : 08472 – 233030
GunturIVRS: 0863-1251 or 0863-2222772 Phone Number: 0863-2211476, 0863-2211562
Guwahati1251 or 0361-2450389
HubliIVRS: 0836-1251 or 0836 -2255073 Phone Number: 0836-2264333, 2264233
HyderabadIVRS: 040 -1251 or 040-23437997 Phone Number- 040-23420730, 23420740, and 23420761
IndoreIVRS : 0731-1251 Phone Number: 0731-2533523
Jabalpur1251 or 0761-2407283
Jaipur1251 or 0141-2702845
JalandharIVRS: 0181-1251 or 0181-2480918 Phone Number: 0181-2480967
JamshedpurIVRS : 0657-1251 or 0657-2320600 Phone Number: 0657-2443228, 0657- 2443229
JammuIVRS: 0191 -1251 or 0191-2479717 Phone Number: 0191-2479791
JodhpurIVRS: 0291-1251 or 0291-2620079, Phone Number: 0291-2657117 or 0291-2635076
Kanpur1251 or 0512-2307443
KarnalIVRS: 1251 Phone Number: 0184-2266024, 0184-2208400
KolkataIVRS: 033-1251 or 033-22545454 Phone Number: 033-22124172 or 033-22124176
Kolkata – II033 2419-847
KottayamInfo Centre: 04812307422 Help Desk: 0481 2307411
KozhikodeIVRS: 0495-2726006 Phone Number: 0495-2725583
Lucknow1251 or 0522-2614782
Ludhiana1251 or 0161-2424074
Madurai1251 or 0452-2370361
MangaloreIVRS: 0824-1251 , 0824-2411655 Phone Number: 0824 -2426255
Mumbai – IIVRS: 022-1251 or 022-26766221 Phone Number: 022-26788943
Mumbai – II022-27725968/022-27723592
Mumbai – III022-28912605/022-28913760
Mumbai – IV022-28482907
MuzaffarpurIVRS: 0621-2271083 Phone Number: 0621-2281023
MysoreIVRS: 0821-1251 or 0821-2346900 Phone Number: 0821-2341096, 2341099
NagpurIVRS: 0712-2454820 Phone Number: 0712-2450083, 0712-2450080
NoidaIVRS: 0120-2444026, 1251
PatnaIVRS: 0612-1251 or 0612-2201795 Phone Number: 0612-2332033
PuneIVRS: 020-1251 or 020-25514248 Phone Number: 020-25539790
Rajpur1251 or 0771-2210010
RajkotIVRS: 0281-1251 or 0281-2570871 Phone Number: 0281-2581318, 2581319, 2483210
Salem0427- 2440588
Secunderabad040-27820146, 27820136
SiliguriIVRS: 0353-1251 Phone Number: 0353-2545739
SuratIVRS: 0261-1251 Phone Number: 0261-2801833, 2770227
Thane022-25423226, 25421474
Tirunelvelli1251 or 0462-2577070
Trivandrum1251 or 0471-2335222
VaranasiIVRS: 0542-1251 or 0542-2222412 Phone Number: 0542-2220457
Vellore1251 or 0416-2252202
VijaywadaIVRS: 0866-1251 or 0866-2484803 Phone Number: 0866-2499595/596/597
VisakhapatnamIVRS: 0891-1251 or 0891-2523473 Phone Number: 0891-2558254, 2513404
WarangalIVRS: 0870-2544460 Phone Number: 0870-2574034